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Datawise is designed to help people with type 1 diabetes, medical professionals and carers get to grips with diabetes data.

There are three learning areas within the programme, each of which contains a different activity type. You are encouraged to work through and complete each learning area in order, so that you can first build on your knowledge and skills, then practise reading and recognising patterns with diabetes data.

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1: Knowledge

Get information on a range of topics to help you to develop your knowledge of different types of software and interpreting diabetes data.


2: Case Studies

Work through cases based on real-life patients, and have a go at answering some questions about their diabetes data. Practice makes perfect!


3: Test Your Knowledge

Take a short, informal quiz to test the knowledge and skills you have built on throughout the other two areas of this course.

We strongly recommend that you start your learning in the Knowledge area and round off the course by taking the quiz in the Test Your Knowledge area.

By the end of this programme you should have a good understanding of how to interpret diabetes data. The aim is to help you effectively monitor either your own or your patients' glucose levels and improve diabetes management.

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You should aim to work through each of the learning areas below to get the most out of Datawise. Follow your progress here:


Case studies

Test your knowledge

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